Building Customer Confidence


Having a web presence is important in today’s business market. While there are many turnkey services like Squarespace, and Wix–but many small business owners fall into the trap of not knowing how to effectively design a web site. By effective I mean, presenting your company in a light that, when visited, your site provides a sense of confidence and trust that translates to potential customers.

Simply having a web site is not enough to close the deal when customers can visit the likes of Barnes & Noble, Target or Amazon, for example. These companies have established themselves as trustworthy, have user personalization, make recommendations, and more. So when they visit your site, it needs to have solid usability, brand identity, and what is considered to be the “gold standard”.

The gold standard means your site has the following:

  • An attractive professional look and feel
  • Clear simple navigation
  • Engaging and informative content
  • Error-fee copy
  • About Us Page
  • Physical address
  • Testimonials
  • Privacy policy
  • Ad-free

While some of these may seem obvious, I come across many web sites that lack these basic features. Don’t underestimate what your clients will look for. The last thing you want to do, is turn away prospetive customers because your site isn’t engaging, easy-to-use, or has typographical errors.

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